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Sales and Use Tax

A tax solutions provider that helps companies minimize state and local tax obligations and maximize tax recovery through real estate.
New York and Canada sales and use tax consultants.
Offers Canadian sales tax management and recovery services to complex Canadian businesses and to foreign companies doing business in Canada.
Full-service provider of personal property tax, real estate tax and sales and use tax software, appeal, audit, compliance and refund services.
Consulting in cost segregation, sales & use tax studies, property tax studies, and appraisal services.
Experts at identifying refund opportunities in sales tax GST, PST, employer health tax, payroll taxes, VAT, duty, freight and brokerage.
Tax consultanting firm focusing on State and Local sales and use.
Sales tax compliance software.
Sales and use tax audit statistical sampling expert. Maintains a large accounting and business web directory.
Provides state sales and use tax consulting services across the U.S.
California sales tax consultant who examines business records for overpaid taxes and audits for errors resulting in excess taxes.
Their services include planning, preparation, compliance with and defense of federal and state income tax returns as well as sales and use tax returns.
Provide a full range of sales and use taxes, IRS audits and compliance, individual taxes, corporate taxes and more.
Creative end-to-end excise tax and sales tax solutions.
Specializing in the recovery of state sales & use taxes to fortune 1000 companies.
Assistance in identifying, quantifying and securing current or retroactive tax benefits to which your company is entitled.
Provide a technologically advanced,economical solution to the task of preparing and remitting the thousands of sales and use tax.
Generate sales tax refunds for visitors to Canada.
Tennessee sales and use tax professionals specializing in overpayment recovery.
Provides specialized sales and use tax consulting services, including tax refund and savings identification and auditor negotiations.